Application for 2022-2023 (5783) Academic Year

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Before you begin this application, please make sure to read the Machal Linda Pinsky School for Overseas Students Catalog, in which you will find important information about the Machal program, including application and admission procedures.
We suggest that you read this catalog carefully and retain it for future reference.

Application Guidelines:

• Begin the online application process by clicking the button 'To register click here'. Enter the requested information and click Send.
• You will receive an email with your password. Save your password in order to return to the application at any time.
• While filling out the application, we recommend that you periodically click ‘Save my progress’ to ensure you do not lose any information in case of computer/network disruptions.
• The application is set up with ‘tabs,’ different pages which contain different information. You can return to each tab at any time.
A green ‘v’ mark indicates that the form is complete – a red ‘x’ mark indicates that a required field in that form is incomplete. [ Note that when you return to a tab marked ‘x’ and fill out all the required fields, the ‘x’ will change to a ‘v’ mark only after you click on a different tab.]
• Please note the buttons on the right hand side of some forms - Add Education, Add Siblings, etc. Click that button repeatedly, as needed, to add information.
• Please note that you may click on the top ruler of the application at any time in order to download and upload necessary documents.
ALL of the required documents (see list below/attached) must be submitted a full week prior to your interview or by the deadline of December 1st 2021, whichever day is earlier.
• THE APPLICATION FEE in the amount of U.S $150 can be paid through the link on the first tab of the application. This fee is not refundable.
The application cannot be processed without paying the fee.
• Once you have completed your application, please be sure to click submit to ensure that your application is successfully submitted.

For any specific questions about the online application system, please email
For general registration questions, call the U.S. office (845) 356-0664, Mon - Thu 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
or email

Documents Check List:

Document Method of Submission
checkBox Personal Statement Upload (with your name and school on first page)
checkBox Copy of your Passport Upload
checkBox One Passport-style Photo Upload
checkBox Official Record of SAT / ACT / O-Levels / A-Levels Upload (optional for 2022/23 due to pandemic)
checkBox Medical Form Download, fill out & upload
checkBox Immunization Record Download, fill out & upload
checkBox Mental, Emotional and Social Health Form Download, fill out & upload or mail directly to Michlalah.
checkBox Medical Affirmation Download, fill out & upload
checkBox Principal Recommendation Download and give to principal. Principal should mail/email as attachment directly to Michlalah.
checkBox Second Recommendation The one recommending should mail/email as attachment directly to Michlalah
checkBox Hebrew Transcripts School should mail/email as attachment directly to Michlalah.
checkBox English Transcripts School should mail/email as attachment directly to Michlalah.

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